¹US companies waste ~$399 bn yearly due to inefficient collaboration.
²71% of meetings feel like a frustrating waste of time and energy to employees.

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Edutainment Webtool for strategic Team (Self)Coaching & retros

▶ Establish team foundations & priorities that unlock a team's full potential.

▶ Get the team into a peak zone of alignment, trust,  performance, ballast-free collaboration & teammember satisfaction.

Identify & Reduce
.Ineffective team priorities
.Trust-corroding hidden disagreements
.Cognitive noise in collaboration

Inspire & Boost
.Trust, Bond, Fun
.Shared vision, value, growth goals
.Collaborative mindset
.Ballast-free collaboration

Already know other team blindspots?

Support & grow your team holistically

- our growth credo for any team

Growth Focus

Edutaining Miro-plugin for Team-Retros to not miss the peak zone of alignment, trust & fun.

More tools and products to boost your team.

Identify & Reduce
.Ineffective team priorities
.Trust-corroding hidden disagreements
.Cognitive noise in collaboration

Inspire & Boost
.Trust, Bond, Fun
.Shared vision, value, growth goals
.Collaborative mindset
.Ballast-free collaboration

.Real-time Assistant

.Strategic team-selfcoaching session
.Operational collaboration assistance 

.Team foundations & priorities
.Effective communication habits for collaboration

Get started with...

_TheManagingHippo's TeamCredos

An edutaining Miro-plugin for Team-Retros to ensure
you don't miss the peak zone of alignment, trust, performance & teammember satisfaction.
For foundations & priorities that unlock a team's full potential.

1| Pick themes relevant to your team.

2| Get tailored, fun-yet-deeply-inspiring work wisdoms & have your team rank them on inspirational value, relatability and urgency.

3| Use auto-generated evaluation to start your retro with overlooked-yet-urgent deep-dive topics to strengthen team foundations and eventually boost the team's collaboration effectiveness.

Complete the journey with...

Team foundations & priorities

_TheManagingHippo's TeamCredos

#Whiteboard-plugin (Miro)
...for Retros and Teamlearning

An edutaining tool for Team-Retros
to not miss the team peak zone of alignment, trust & fun.

Special Occasions


#Gifts, Office Supplies

Fun-yet-deep merch for your colleague's farewell, welcome, birthday or promotion.

Strengths & Roles

_Faces of Greatness

#AI-Strengths Finder
...for Retros and Teamlearning

A tool to playfully set the scene kicking off strengths-based team role definitions. Follow up with scientific Strengthsfinders like Gallup Clifton®

Playful Sharpness & Transparency

_TheManagingHippo CardGame

#A dangerously true Management Comedy Card Game
...for Retros & Teamevents

Icebreaker, energy booster and fun training material for quick wit | outside-the-box creativity| transparency & trust | leadership

Effective Communication Habits


#AI-Copilot-Bot, #Meeting-Assistant
...for Remote Meetings

"Your best moderator. In every meeting."

How to start?


Learn how to use our tools and get your product-delivery and innovation teams to prime effectiveness.


Our whitepaper vision for you

Shockingly effective collaboration.
0% usual ballast. 100% team spirit.

🔖Foundations & Priorities
Less conflicts. More ownership.

More #Trust #Shared Contribution & Growth Visions #Transparent Values & Strengths #Holistic Decisionmaking #Alignment

👁️‍Effective Communication
Less confusion. More inspiration.

More #Engagement #Synergetic creativity #Forwardtraction #Confidence #Datadrivenness #Focus

💫Collaboration Impact
Fewer circles.
More forward.

Fewer #Bad surprises #Decision revisits #Project delays  #Frustration

...with trained & assisted team member as

Collaboration Champions

#Trust #Drive for Alignment & Focus  #Holistic Thinking #Datadrivenness

#Active Listening #ThinkListenTalk #Collaborative Mindset #Conciseness #Creativity #Quick Wit

#Leadership #Execution make ballasts of collaboration

Things of your team's past

Hidden conflicts.

Latent trust issues? Misaligned values & priorities? Inactive listening?

_Broken meeting culture_

Missing... Agenda? Goals? Expected contributions? Common ground? Data-driven decision-making?

Other cognitive noise.

Distractions by parallel priorities? Confusing hidden misunderstandings & knowhow gaps?

In a nutshell

►► Towards Crystal Collaboration by Edutainment and Realtime-Assistants


Establish 100% team spirit and effective collaboration with 0% ballast

...multiplied by Collaboration Champion team members

...sustainably trained and assisted with the Holistic Crystal Collaboration Way:

       Your existing setup + Edutainment + Realtime-Collaboration-Assistants

...covering strategic team foundations & priorities and operational assistance for daily work.

TheManagingHippo = Edutainment for sharper teams
Playful yet seriously impactful tools to boost teams' collaboration & communication effectiveness.

📈 Are you a (agile) coach, scrum master, (team) leader or an awesome colleague?

📈 Interested in new approaches to…
boost your team to excel at collaboration, quick-wittedness, culture and leadership around product-, delivery- and business-themed work?

📈 We suggest: Use out-of-the-box usable, playful-yet-impactful tools to…
strengthen your team’s abilities to 🎯communicate on point, 📤think outside-the-box quickly, 💫lead with wisdom and 👥bond deeply!

📈 Easily break the ice, inspire discourse, find hidden issues and create sustainable skill & mindset growth, remote or on-site!

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